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Live your life authentically as the best version of you. It all starts with understanding yourself.

Upgrade your career by finding out how best you interact with others and where you do your best work.

Upgrade your business leading with authenticity. Learn how to work best with each member of your team. 

what is the bG5 System?

The BG5 System is based on the Human Design system and is a way of showing you how to have more ease and flow to walk your own path in life. It is Human Design for Career and Business.

The BG5 Success Codes describe your unique map, specific to you. Find more satisfaction, peace, success or surprise in the day.

If you would like to know more about it from the official page site click on the quote below. I love the way it is described there:

Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Insights- the list of personality profiling systems businesses use goes on. There are even sites that combine multiple systems. These all involve having to answer a lot of questions that can take half an hour or more. Plus it will be coloured about how you think you should show up at work, once you have done a couple you get a sense of how they work. Is this really you?

The BG5 System makes it easier by only asking you for some factual details about you, things that you cannot (even subconsciously) influence. It is a system that describes what is mechanically present in your Career Design, and it is up to you to find out how true it is by trying it out with tools from your consultant.

Can you Imagine Living in flow with less resistance?

transformational life

This is the opportunity for you with the BG5 System. By finding out what your innate skills and how to work with them. How you best absorb information. How you can express things clearly, to the right people at the right time. How to best make decisions.

Do you ever feel like you are swimming up stream and things could be better? You might be right. Learn how to work with your innate talents and skills, instead of against them.

Check out our testimonials below to see your BG5Guide is passionate and knowledgeable of the BG5 System.

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Upgrade your life, career or business

We just love sharing this life changing information with people. Don’t want to select a specific product? No problem. Send us a note describing what you want.

Wondering where to start? We have a Free Career Design Chart or a Free Career Design Report available.

Have you done that and want to know what it means? Then there is a Career Design Overview (covers the first 6 Success Codes of your Career Design) or a full Career Design Analysis (covers all 16 Success Codes). 

Personal growth, self leadership, the ability to authentically lead and work with others all start with understanding yourself.

We offer tailored solutions to coach you or your team members through the process of learning how to be your best self.

Are you wondering how to get the best out of your existing team members?

Do you need to know how to recruit new team members for high performance?

Your BG5Guide is also Certified to take you through the cycles within your life, career or business.

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Testimonials for Your BG5Guide

The most enjoyment for me was to find that my present pathway is pretty much on course, and with a few refinements I should have more confidence in my future endeavours.

The information was delivered logically and interestingly, and conveyed a confidence in the knowledge of the subject.

Selby, Australia

The information was delivered professionally, explained well, in a relaxed and confident manner.

Vicki has a good understanding of the theory and a passion for how it can enhance lives.


Ian, Australia

You are and will be an amazing BG5 Consultant…

You demonstrated a firm understanding of the information and the ability to deliver it.

Congratulations on becoming a Certified BG5 Consultant!!

Karen Sherwood, BG5 Institute

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